Second series of intelligent ocean and land freight auto rating applications

Antwerp, Belgium – December 4, 2017 – we launched our second series of intelligent ocean and land freight auto rating applications. Using AI geolocation algorithms and an in-house developed comprehensive ocean freight cost database, customers enjoy fast and competitive quoting of freight rates. At the same time, the freight management platform, where the AI rating applications have been built on, provides connectors allowing any format of a customer as a source of input or rate request. The system is capable of quoting thousands of door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port rates in less than an hour. Rates can be uploaded or delivered in any format to customers.

This system allows trading companies to receive thousands of rates for future potential business-to-conclude at any time. A powerful benchmarking tool for the trading industry!

Combining our freight execution services with the intelligent rating capabilities creates opportunities for many stakeholders in the food freight industry. The intelligent auto rating process is an important part of the large digitization effort of foodcareplus. Freight execution customers may opt-in for the service as from mid-December. The benchmarking tool is also available for customers of the supply chain design and optimization services not using our freight forwarding (execution) services.

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