Foodcareplus Launches Avocado Trade Service Between South Africa and India

    In response to the opening of India’s market to South African avocados, Foodcareplus has introduced a new service tailored to the burgeoning Indian market. This initiative is designed to assist South African exporters in capitalizing on the significant growth opportunities in India while ensuring a streamlined, secure entry into this promising market.

    With a young, health-conscious population driving the integration of avocados into mainstream Indian diets, the demand is expected to soar. Although local production initiatives are underway, imports are essential to meet the increasing consumer demand. Foodcareplus, in partnership with its local agency Intercont+, will provide comprehensive market entry and logistics services to facilitate safe and efficient interactions between South African exporters and Indian importers.

    The service package includes pre-shipment guidance on supply chain logistics, required documentation, and customs regulations. A credibility check is also available for exporters interested in partnering with Indian importers. Once agreements are in place, Foodcareplus will offer integrated freight services with security options in collaboration with preferred South African logistics partners.

    Utilizing advanced IoT monitoring devices and geofencing technology, Foodcareplus enables real-time tracking of shipments from South Africa to India, ensuring transparency and security throughout the transport and delivery processes. Post-shipment, the Foodcareplus team in India provides proactive support to manage relationships with importers and swiftly address any issues, offering exporters reliable “local boots on the ground.

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