Foodcareplus and Intercont+ forge strategic partnership to enhance Indian food trade logistics

    We happily announce a strategic partnership with Intercont+ from India, aiming to enhance supply chain solutions for importing and exporting food products between India and global markets by leveraging our extensive cold chain network and a Mumbai-located container facility managed by Intercont+.

    India is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products. Our partnership will facilitate the export of meat, dairy, and fresh produce to international customers while also addressing India’s growing demand for sustainable import solutions for fresh fruit, chocolate confectionery, and specialty foods. At Foodcareplus, we offer tailor-made shipping and logistics solutions for these product groups worldwide, seamlessly integrating with Intercont+’s logistics system in India.

    A common challenge in international trade is the need for more trust between traders and suppliers, leading to hesitation and uncertainties about product availability, quality, and reliable transport services. Our partnership addresses these issues by providing a reliable network and acting as an independent third-party logistics provider. Specifically, for international companies sourcing agricultural products from India, our service includes efficient container availability near food hubs, which is essential given India’s vast and complex domestic transport network.

    In the competitive Indian food trade, cost-efficiency across all supply chain aspects is vital for success, especially with high customs duties on certain food items. Our partnership enhances market positions and profitability for importers and exporters. By controlling substantial transport volumes, our collaboration achieves economies of scale and lower transport costs while assisting customers in navigating customs regulations.

    Despite focusing on cost-efficiency, the service maintains a commitment to quality. Maintaining cold chain integrity from loading to unloading is crucial to prevent quality loss and extend shelf life. Leveraging our expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, Foodcareplus and Intercont+ ensure optimal cold chain management, guaranteeing perishable goods reach their destination in excellent condition. Advanced monitoring tools used internally enable real-time shipment tracking, better planning, timely deliveries, and increased customer satisfaction.

    Together, we streamline the import and export processes to and from India, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and satisfaction in the food supply chain.

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