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foodcareplus joined #blockchain debate at the 2018 CFO of the year event in Belgium

Brussels, Belgium – May 16, 2018 – foodcareplus joined a blockchain debate at the 2018 CFO of the year event following an inspiring key note by Sandrine Dufour, CFO at Proximus, Belgium largest communication company. This important gathering brought together more than 400 top leaders reflecting on the impact of digitization and new technologies on their organizations and in their specific industry.


Björn Cumps, professor at Vlerick Management School, pitched the subject calling block chain the new kid on the block while illustrating that the concept itself is not something new, but internet technology helps to bring trust to another level. If block chain really kicks off, it will become the new trust platform in the international trade environment, especially in the food industry. There are a lot of challenges ahead, but if all involved stakeholders and supply chain role players in a specific food trade work together, the block chain initiative will inject a new level of trust in the supply chain. In food business, trust is key because provenance of product and quality assurance throughout the (cold) chain are critical components.”

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