Food supply chain security tools using blockchain technology

Antwerp, Belgium – July 31, 2017 – foodcareplus announced the development of an all-in-one international food supply chain security monitoring service for the food industry today. Combining its shipping execution services, superior monitoring technology, and blockchain technology, foodcareplus will be the first specialized logistics service provider to offer an integrated food trading and shipping platform providing trust throughout the food supply chain.

Several customers have already confirmed to fully engage to this project

foodcareplus specialises in intercontinental shipping and distribution of food products with a specific expertise in reefer container shipping. Their current freight management platform already provides real time temperature, location, and security monitoring of food products shipped. With the announcement of the blockchain project, a new completely integrated food logistics and shipping platform is envisioned, allowing perishable item shippers and buyers to have full trust in the total supply chain trajectory and an even greater visibility on their supply chain.

The blockchain, a technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, can be applied to real-world food supply chain and logistics challenges. Old-fashioned paper tracking and inspection systems along with the insecure data copy-paste approach of most shipping and logistics firms can leave food supply chains vulnerable to imprecisions. However, by applying blockchain technology, digital product information called a “passport”, on foodcareplus’s platform, contains information such as origin details, batch numbers, expiration dates, factory information, storage temperatures, and shipping details. All data is digitally connected to the food items and the information is entered into the blockchain along every step of the process.

Most temperature monitoring solutions and traceability tools available in the market are managed separately from the harvest, packing, and shipping processes, while foodcareplus already integrates the temperature and location data with all the shipment movement data. With the blockchain project, even more trusted data points are added. “At any given point of time, customers are able to check the ‘passport’ of their food shipped including historical temperature and location data”, says Steve Alaerts, Director of Marketing and Sales with foodcareplus. He added, “We will also open our platform for other stakeholders in the food supply chain, such as quality inspectors, food safety regulators, and other involved parties. We will be able to go as far as where product has been packed.”

With their experience in the shipping and handling of perishables, foodcareplus eliminates much of the costly risks inherent to temperature-controlled transport and food shipping in general. With the use of its envisioned platform and special operating procedures, customers can rely on the most advanced shipping solutions in the market.

“Several customers have already confirmed to fully engage to this project”, says Alaerts. He concluded by saying, “Based on their requirements, we are already adding quality inspection models using third party technology to the blockchain and shipping platform.”

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