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Puratos and foodcareplus celebrated their partnership during this year’s annual get-together Club Cirque

Antwerp, Belgium – December 7, 2018 – foodcareplus invited its partner Puratos for a visit to Antwerp Port House and an evening of amusement at Club Cirque. The partnership between both companies dates back to 2005. Since then, foodcareplus has shipped over 405,000 tons of bakery and chocolate products worldwide and across multiple continents. Each year, foodcareplus organises a get-together to raise the glass to this meaningful relationship and partnership.

The first stop of the evening was made at Antwerp Port House, the headquarters of Antwerp Port, where guests took an extensive tour of the building designed by architect Zaha Hadid. The Antwerp ‘diamond’ is the home base of 500 Antwerp Port employees and acts as a meeting point for numerous international contacts of the Antwerp Port community.

Afterwards, the guests continued their journey near the MAS in the heart of Antwerp where they entered the doors of Club Cirque. The evening was themed throughout: starting with the catering service that was provided by themed creatures who supplied the guests with small appetizers, using flying baskets and other attributes. The music, chosen by the guests, was performed live by a singer and pianist.

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