Lancaster Logistics becomes part of foodcareplus

    The Lancaster team continues its growth under the foodcareplus wings

    The foodcareplus management took Lancaster Logistics, also part of the Remant Group, under its wings for the last 1.5 years. We are proud to share that Lancaster performed exceptionally well in 2021.

    We’ve grown our portfolio, strengthened our relationships with key vendors, and built long-term carrier partnerships. This positive evolution, achieved by combining forces between the two companies, Lancaster and foodcareplus, under one joint management, strengthens our conviction to go one step further.

    One team with one goal

    Since January 2022, Lancaster Logistics has been fully integrated into foodcareplus. We created a team under the foodcareplus umbrella dedicated to the African markets, focusing on protein, dairy, and food ingredients/foodstuff. This approach will enable us to provide our customers with a tailor-made experience.

    We look forward to bringing all our customers the best performance and operational improvements, better customer service, faster responses, and better overall coverage with the above.

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