India in Growth Mode: A Promising Journey for Foodcareplus

    Steve Alaerts and Diego Barriga embarked on a journey to India to foster discussions on expanding business opportunities in the country. Ms. Soma Sengupta, representing Flanders Investment and Trade, and our dedicated business developer, Harsh Parek, joined them in these discussions. Intercont, Foodcareplus’ esteemed Indian partner, also played a pivotal role in these deliberations. The talks’ primary focus centered on further developing the European sales and logistics platform for Indian fresh produce growers and exporters following the resounding success of the early 2023 table grape campaign.

    The Indian exporters who participated in our program attested to the benefits they reaped. They experienced streamlined documentation services, quality support on both ends of the ocean, and significantly reduced release costs, improving financial security. Based on the real time value of this project, foodcareplus has decided to expand its scope empowering additional grape exporters to exercise better control over quality grading, packaging, and final deliveries.

    Project stakeholders deliberated on the upcoming launch of Foodcareplus’ premium cargo insurance. This insurance package is aimed at bringing advantages to cargo beneficiaries, introducing own-controlled cargo surveyance and bolstering cargo security by offering comprehensive coverage. We aim at customer peace of mind above all else.

    Another key highlight of our visit was the evaluation of our exclusive partnership with IG International based on our joint apple season (2022-2023). We were able to visit their state-of-the-art distribution facilities in Mumbai as well as their newly built cold store located between Hosur and Krishnagiri, a few hours’ drive from Chennai and Ennore. During the visit, we delved into the intricacies of the apple journey after arrival to India in a reefer container at via IG’s gateway ports. We discussed operational efficiency at terminals, and the importance of impeccable cold chain, which today is successfully maintained by IG.

    We are happy to report our first season leads the way into this year’s second, with an improved symbiosis and focus to facilitate the sourcing of apples from Poland, Belgium, France, and Italy in Europe. We also have plans to venture into the United States market. India’s recent repeal of retaliatory import duties on U.S. apples opens up old avenues, now reactivated. increased duties brought this business to a complete halt, but with a change in policy, we anticipate good prospects from the upcoming Washington apple season.

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