IG International and Foodcareplus join forces on EU-India trade

    Foodcareplus partners with IG International, a prominent Indian importer, to facilitate EU fruit shipments to the South Asian nation. The partnership aims to forge a more reliable supply chain for EU shipments to India. Together, we want to create a resilient and flexible platform for shipping fresh fruit from Europe to India.

    Foodcareplus will give IG Logistics access to our transport and shipping network and enable the Indian importer to connect with growers in Europe at the click of a button. The troubled shipping market due to port congestion, increasing fuel costs, and labour shortages demand that importers are more flexible.

    Foodcareplus Logistics moves fresh produce across borders through various port gateways to keep the fruit moving. Our blockchain usage will underpin this technologically adept alliance, where a single platform from Dockflow is used for every shipment to bring visibility at all times to all stakeholders. IG Logistics shares its infrastructure with our European customer base in the partnership.
    This new alliance responds to recent trends in trade, which have seen a growth in European fresh fruit exports to Asia. European fresh fruit exports to Asia grew 35 per cent year-on-year in the 12 months to June 2022, reaching 160,264 tonnes. The increase was fuelled by apples, pears and kiwifruit, with most fruit moving to India.

    “European fruit varieties have always made it to the top of fruits in terms of quality, aesthetics, and taste. So we are thrilled to partner with a reputable company like Foodcareplus and open our doors to European delights from the best orchards and plantations,” according to Shubha Rawal, director of sourcing and marketing for IG International. “This synergy will help us efficiently deliver a door-to-door solution for the Indian consumer.”

    “Our partnership with IG Logistics creates an innovative platform for European exporters and develops a more resilient supply chain,” says Steve Alaerts, director at Foodcareplus. “It will help us to increase our business in the dynamic market of India. The platform will also enable the retailers and wholesalers dealing with fresh produce in India to source the right product at the right time and price through IG’s network.”

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