Focus on your avocado supply chain


    Our service tailored to your supply chain

    Foodcareplus offers avocado importers and exporters superb service, following the seasons in the different countries with you to supply tasty avocados to your customers throughout the year. This soft and delicate fruit requires high-quality transport.

    Transparency, quality control, and speed are the three main pillars of the integrated solution for avocado transport. We monitor them from door to door.

    Before the shipment:

    • Check whether the fruit complies with the agreed specifications. Moreover, we only accept fruit that meets our standards.
    • Check the time from harvest and the loading of the container.
    • Verify whether the fruit was chilled in time and at the right temperature.
    • Check the packaging agreements and standards.
    • Optional accredited lab tests (oil and dry matter content).
    • Drawing up transport documents and third-party control documents.
    During transport:

    • Direct delivery with chilled land transport to the port/airport or transhipment hub.
    • Sea or air freight to the destination or transhipment.
    • Inspection of the controlled atmosphere and safety systems to prevent CA leakage.
    • Global transport monitoring.
    Before and during the delivery:

    • Verification of documents with the food authorities.
    • Phytosanitary inspection or drawing up of phytosanitary transport documents.
    • Drawing up transit and customs documents.



    When transporting avocados, we ensure that the fruit is loaded into the container in accordance with sea or air freight requirements before the fruit leaves on its journey.

    Foodcareplus is renowned for its low claim ratio because of its rigorous selection of logistics providers.


    Our blockchain platform, which we use to control all our orders, is available to all the parties involved. While the container is being loaded, all the reports and certificates are uploaded and shared. As soon as the container departs, you can consult all the other transport documents on the platform and upload documents yourself.


    The faster the fruit arrives at its final destination, the better. Our transhipment platforms ensure that you can always rely on the fastest and most reliable routing, with air or sea freight. The entire import starts to process a few days before the ship arrives.

    This is our way of ensuring that the entire phytosanitary and customs process is finalized no later than one day after the arrival of the sea or air freight and that the fruit can be delivered to the end customer.

    Our regions with strong local partners

    Avocados out of East Africa  

    Foodcareplus offers an integrated solution to operators in the avocado industry who want to supplement part of their programme with a stable and sustainable supply of avocados from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia to Europe and Middle and Far Eastern destinations.

    Our transhipment solution in Northern Italy offers the fastest solution for avocados from East Africa that are bound for West Europe.

    Avocados from Central and South America  

    Our transhipment operations in the Benelux serve Central and Latin America (Mexico, Colombia).

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