Transport Architect

    “I’ve been working at foodcareplus since 2014.  Following the integration in the Remant Group, whereby we now all manage cases from A to Z, I transferred from documentation to operations. The A to Z approach means we are much closer to our customers and our partners. We now have more contact with the client and are really able to develop a relationship. This only enhances the cooperation, on both sides!

    Initially, the integration of foodcareplus within the Remant Group was a bit of a nail-biting experience. But we soon felt at home and our new colleagues gave us a warm welcome. We immediately felt a click with the other Remant entities.

    The Remant Group is a large company but you soon realize that it also offers plenty of opportunities in terms of training, taking the initiative and career development. You can follow internal and external training courses, which I find very important as it enables you to broaden your knowledge. We can share our knowledge and creativity with the other departments and stand stronger as a result. In spite of the group’s recent expansion, you really notice how all the branches are connected, which is definitely a thing here. It sure is a great place to work!”

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