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    “I was just beginning my career, when it suddenly hit a turning point. I embarked on my adventure at foodcareplus with great enthusiasm a year ago. A company where the customer is at the centre of everything they do, and where knowledge, experience and know-how are shared with each other.

    From day 1, I realised that foodcareplus is not like other companies. It’s a company with a story, with a huge amount of potential and a greater objective, namely to grow through its successes and thanks to satisfied partners. It’s a driven and motivated company, that was recently acquired by the Remant Group, a close-knit family company that now also includes foodcareplus.

    Our company benefited on two levels. Our business is changing as a result of our changing economy and social change. The acquisition was a godsend, as it enables foodcareplus to compete with large, established companies and further develop its niche under the umbrella of a large, professional family company. So onwards and upwards to a bright, flourishing future with foodcareplus/the Remant Group!”

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