Food Supply Chain Design & Innovation

    At foodcareplus, we develop the most effective logistics chain for the food industry, based on the huge amounts of data and statistics that we collect. Our own LiteTraxx equipment and freight management applications, combined with our unique expertise, provide you with the data you need to tap into new markets quickly and safely.

    Blockchain technology for an effective food supply chain

    Blockchain platforms facilitate data exchanges about the safety, quality, and transparency of your products. An efficient and accessible network can also help you save costs.

    At foodcareplus, we believe that blockchain is crucial for your company’s success. By implementing blockchain, our Transport Architects can monitor the safety of your food products, while you will have a better idea of potential logistical obstacles that might arise when shipping food.

    A clear insight into the status of your shipment

    Together with our partners, we offer you a web-based blockchain platform that gives you a complete insight into your high-quality, temperature-controlled shipments. You can monitor your goods flows at all times.

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    Our fields of expertise

    Food and perishables logistics

    Meet the true experts in food logistics execution! Using the latest technology, we offer logistics execution (forwarding) services truly designed for the food industry and temperature-controlled shipping.

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    Food Supply Chain Optimization

    Grabbing control over your 'big data' and matching that with all the metrics we capture at foodcareplus during our day to day freight execution gives surprising results.

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